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...I came across a band that has to be one of the most unique musical groups I’ve heard in years; and that is no exaggeration.
— Danielle Cooper, TBubble
Gretchen and the Pickpockets is a Rock band with strong Blues and Jazz influences. They seem to have found a way to fuse multiple genres into perfect harmony.
— Heather Moreau, Our City Radio (Portsmouth, NH)
It’s likely that the band won’t literally pick the few Washingtons you have hanging out in your pocket, but they will pick at your core, challenge your soul, and tempt your musical palate, prompting you to unsheathe those few Washingtons and invest in a copy their new EP, “Stop.” Stop. Listen. Dig. Dig?
— Christopher Hislop, SeacoastOnline
PICKPOCKETS PACK A PUNCH... After several rounds of competition, University of New Hampshire-based Gretchen and the Pickpockets earned a spot as one of the top 100 bands in the world after having responded to Hard Rock International’s call out for aspiring musicians.
— Tracey Dee Rauh, Eagle Tribune
— Frank Smith