"Fix it in the Mix!"

We're psyched to be frantically twisting knobs and pushing faders (phaders? Vaders? Faydrz...) trying to get the right mix of sounds for our newly recorded album, which should be out in a few months. Thank ya boy B-Gates for Ctrl+Z. Thanks to all those helping us with it, including you fans and listeners who come to live shows and keep us inspired. We've got shows coming up at Sugarloaf Mountain and Great Scott in Allston, among others, and we can't wait to see your wonderful faces again.

G and the Ps P G G w/ G P at G Ps


That stands for "Gretchen and the Pickpockets play glorious gigs with good people at great places." On Nov. 26th we'll be at Portsmouth Book & Bar with Mike Dunbar. It's about literacy, you know? On Dec. 3rd we'll be sampling some Guinnesses (Guinni? Guinness? Guinne? Beers.) at Fury's Publick House in Dover, NH with the Kenny Brothers Band. Then on Dec. 10th, we'll be opening up for Bella's Bartok at the Middle East (upstairs) - not to be missed. We're going to dance our faces off at that one, and you should too. Literally, no more faces.  

See you soon!

Hot August Nights

This Thursday we're on the Berklee campus at Cafe 939 puttin' it down with Dear June and Tash. On Saturday, we'll be sharing the stage with the killer band Houndmouth at Hookfest (get your tickets here before they're gone). The next weekend, we'll be back in NYC making the rounds at Gold Sounds, Pianos, The Way Station, and Rockwood Music Hall. Catch us at any or all of these and we will give you quality tunes and high fives.

Summer's Around the Corner...

Summer's around the corner, and we're looking forward to a lot of cool things! We'll be playing at a lot of great local venues, as well as at some really awesome festivals and events. Check out our "Live" page for a full list and to find when we'll be in your neck of the woods. 

If you're feeling down about Bowie or Prince, swing by Portsmouth Book & Bar on May 14 to hear us pay tribute!