Named after a hometown road with a history for larceny, the group has become known for their unique blend of genres and their energetic live shows.

Since banding together at the University of New Hampshire over a mutual love of jazz, soul and rock and roll, Gretchen & the Pickpockets have been sharing their sound with audiences all across the United States.

Accolades the band has won include an Iguana Music Fund grant from Club Passim, the Best in State: New Hampshire award from the New England Music Awards 2015 and nominated for Best Pop Act in 2016, Best Rock Band from the Seacoast Spotlight Awards, Best Theme Song from the LA Webfest for the use of “Free Sailin’” in the web series “Staying in Boston"

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...An album full of superb sound...
— High Note Reviews
Funky, swinging, and magnificently soulful, Gretchen & the Pickpockets deliver gold performances...
— Metronome Magazine
I’ll say it again; I could listen to this girl sing all day long. Gretchen and The Pickpockets’ album Falling Rising is hands down one of the best I’ve heard so far this year.
— Best of Western NY
Jazzy in its satisfying complexity, yet poppy in its glistening purity, Gretchen and The Pickpockets‘ Falling Rising is a must-have album for the summer of 2018.
— Parcbench, NYC
A lively and extremely enjoyable listening experience.
— Hot Wax
...soul and passion...
— Michael Doherty
They are a refreshing, rewarding departure from much of the predictable...
— Making a Scene!
...frequently their joyful noise becomes so infectious that you just don’t care which direction it’s coming at you from.
— Midwest Record
Gretchen & the Pickpockets grant human togetherness in ‘Old Souls’
— Vanyaland
In a time where our nation struggles with division, Gretchen & The Pickpockets, have created a vision of unity and acceptance in their video for “Old Souls”
— The Deli
I left the Middle East satiated. No more was I scrounging for a new band to tickle my eardrums—something I perpetually find myself doing and usually without success. Nope, I had found all I needed that night in Gretchen & the Pickpockets. I had shown up with one suspecting hand on my wallet while the whole time I should have been safeguarding the key to my heart.
— Marc Lovely, Live Music News and Reviews
I first watched them perform last year at The Stratham Fair and was very impressed with the variety of instruments they play and the ability to combine them all into a most righteous groove.
— A-Train, 102.1 & 105.3 "The Shark"
I loved Gretchen and the Pickpockets debut EP, “Stop,” which was released in 2013. Loved it. I’m so happy they didn’t stop there. Why? Because I LOVE their debut self-titled full-length. This is one of the most promising young bands on the Seacoast, and (I seem to say this a lot – which is testament to the quality that exists here … ) one of the most promising young bands in existence today. Anywhere. Big on rock, big on soul, big on fun. Those are the keys to an excellent band, and an excellent record.
— Christopher Hislop, Seacoast Online
...I came across a band that has to be one of the most unique musical groups I’ve heard in years; and that is no exaggeration.
— Danielle Cooper, TBubble
Gretchen and the Pickpockets is a Rock band with strong Blues and Jazz influences. They seem to have found a way to fuse multiple genres into perfect harmony.
— Heather Moreau, Our City Radio (Portsmouth, NH)
PICKPOCKETS PACK A PUNCH... After several rounds of competition, University of New Hampshire-based Gretchen and the Pickpockets earned a spot as one of the top 100 bands in the world after having responded to Hard Rock International’s call out for aspiring musicians.
— Tracey Dee Rauh, Eagle Tribune
— Frank Smith